The cover of 'Is This It' features a naked woman touching her backside while wearing a black leather glove...

THE STROKES are facing retail censorship of their debut album, NME.COM has learned.

The New York band’s album, ‘Is This It’, is scheduled for release on August 27 through Rough Trade. But the album’s sleeve, which appears to be a naked woman touching her backside while wearing a black leather glove, has run into trouble with a major record retailer.

The black and white picture is reminiscent of the work of celebrated photographer Helmut Newton, who is famous for his coldly erotic photographs of naked women, which often have a bondage theme.

NME.COM can also see a possible nod to comedy band Spinal Tap, who in their mockumentary movie ‘This Is Spinal Tap’ wanted to illustrate their ‘Smell The Glove’ album with a sexually dominated woman in bondage gear.

Although the sleeve is not explicit, the nudity has concerned Woolworths, who were unsure about whether they could stock the album.

A Woolworths spokeswoman told NME.COM: “The Strokes‘ album has been queried, because we are a company that promotes family values. It could be embarrassing if a child was buying Bob The Builder’s single and saw The Strokes‘ album next to it. It is not explicit in any way but we do have to think about who our customers are – we don’t want to upset any parents.”

Woolworths’ current position is that it will stock the album, but the retail chain is still in talks with the band’s record label to decide whether the sleeve can be censored in order that it can be fully promoted in stores.

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