More details of the band's eagerly awaited second album emerge...

THE STROKES‘ are considering releasing ‘SUPERNOVA’ as their comeback single as new details on their second album emerge.

The group, who have been in Japan playing the Summer Sonic festival, have now returned to New York to put the final touches to the follow-up to ‘Is This It’.

Songs set for inclusion are the new wave ‘I Can’t Win’, which is characterised by a pitch-bending guitar solo and single chord burst at the end.

‘The End Has No End’ is catchy rock song with a chorus that repeats the title phrase, while the soulful ‘Under Control’ features the lines “I don’t want to change your mind/I don’t want to waste your time”.

Other tracks set to make it to the final cut include, ‘The Way It Is’, ‘You Talk Way Too Much’, ‘Never Needed Anybody’, alongside ‘Meet Me In The Bathroom’, ‘Raga’, ‘Nightmare’ and ‘Ze Newie’.

RCA A&R Steve Ralbovsky told Billboard that ‘Supernova’ is a “first single contender”. He also spoke about the overall sound of the new record, saying, “You hear some different flavours that are a bit outside the palette, but there’s a vintage Strokes feel and sound.”

The new album was produced by ‘Is This It”s Gordon Raphael, after aborted sessions with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich.

Ralbovsky added: “They’re still very, very fond of each other… But (The Strokes) seem to be better doing it their own way with their own team.”

Ralbovsky said that the retail singles will probably not feature studio B-sides, but include home demos or live cuts.

There is talk of a US club tour before the album’s release and UK dates are rumoured to be taking place before the end of the year.

For news on The Strokes‘ performance at Japan’s Summer Sonic festival (August 2-3) get this week’s NME – out today (August 6).