There's a heavy Michael Jackson influence apparently...

THE STROKES have revealed details about their eagerly awaited new album – describing it as ‘more mellow’ but with elements of [a][/a]’s ‘BILLIE JEAN’.

Out of the 11 tracks set to make the final cut, working titles include ‘Under Control’, ‘Nightmare’, ‘Supernova’, ‘Raga’, ‘Ze Newie’, and ‘Meet Me In The Bathroom’.

Drummer Fabrizio Moretti said: “We spent a lot of time looking for specific sounds.”


Speaking about ‘Nightmare’, guitarist Albert Hammond Jr added: “That’s probably one of my favourite drum sounds right there… It’s kind of ‘Billie Jean’-ish. We spent all this time to make it sound like a drum machine, but Fab still plays it.”

According to singer Julian Casablancas, Nick Valensi “blew up two guitar amps getting that sound” for the solo in ‘Supernova’.

The band’s “first more mellow song”, ‘Under Control’, was recorded live – annoying neighbours: “The neighbours on the seventh floor complained about the noise,” said Hammond Jr. “It was four in the morning, and we had to pull the plug. And that was the take where we felt like we had it. But it was all right because we came in the next day and got it.”

The Strokes also spoke about the aborted sessions with Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich. Hammond Jr insisted: “We got along really, really well”.

He told Rolling Stone: “But we just had different ways of working. We’ll spend days getting the right drum sound. We don’t want to hear ‘We’ll fix it in the mix'”.

As previously reported on NME.COM, The Strokes performed three new songs at Japan’s Summer Sonic Festival in Osaka and Tokyo over the weekend (August 2-3). It was the band’s first live show since winter 2002.


The new album is due for release on October 20.