Julian Casablancas says he ‘doesn’t feel anything’ when playing Strokes songs

Casablancas says an open mic singer in a bar probably enjoys himself more than he does performing 'Last Nite'

Julian Casablancas has revealed that he takes little pleasure from playing tracks from The Strokes‘ back-catalogue live.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Casablancas said that while it’s “still fun to see people react” to the old material live, he doesn’t “feel anything from it” emotionally.

“A little while ago, I saw someone perform a cover of some Top 40 song in an empty bar, like he probably just learned it two days ago. He was probably enjoying playing that more than I enjoy playing ‘Last Nite’. I just smiled about it.”

Despite this, the singer did recently confirm that The Strokes will record new material early next year. “In January, we might meet up and work on some ideas. Everyone is psyched. Everything is in a really cool place,” he told BBC 6 Music.

The Strokes’ next album will be their sixth full-length LP and the follow-up to 2013’s little-promoted ‘Comedown Machine’.

Casablancas recently released ‘Tyranny’, his first album with new band The Voidz. Read the NME review.