Julian Casablancas says new album ‘Tyranny’ is a successor to The Strokes’ second album

Frontman admits he thinks that 2006's 'First Impressions Of Earth' was "a little simple"

Julian Casablancas has said that he sees his new album with The Voidz as a natural continuation of The Strokes‘ first two albums while admitting that his main band’s third album ‘First Impressions Of Earth’ was “a little simple”.

Casablancas will release ‘Tyranny’, his first album with The Voidz next week (October 13) and spoke to The Daily Beast in a new interview. During the piece he is asked if he thinks the recent output of The Strokes has seen the band making music they think fans want.

The frontman refutes this suggestion, but does admit to having doubts over parts of the band’s back catalogue. “I think the last few records of The Strokes are an exercise in trying to get the flow and the work process smooth, and make sure we’re collaborating, everyone’s happy, and making sure it’s a positive, creative area,” he said. “I’m still musically directing – or I don’t know what you’d call it – but I’ve definitely tried to let other people, rather than engage in debate, cede.”

He added: “For me, in a weird way, I see a lineage between the first two records and this Voidz record. The first Strokes record I felt turned out exactly how I wanted it to be, and the second one felt just like Part II of ‘Is This It’. But then after ‘Is This It’, I just felt musically [‘First Impressions…’] was a little simple. With all the confusion of what we were hearing from the outside world and the turmoil within the band and my life, I feel like things got sidetracked in many ways, so the Voidz is a continuation of ‘Room On Fire’ in many ways in terms of clarity of vision.”

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz will play a one off London date in December. Despite plotting live dates with his new band, Casablancas recently hinted that he has ruled out any further live shows from The Strokes, saying that touring is “a great way to destroy a band”.

Julian Casablancas + The Voidz will play:

London Coronet (December 7)
Paris Casino De Paris (8)
Antwerp Trix (10)
Amsterdam Melkweg Mag (12)
Berlin Postbahnhof (13)
Hamburg Mojo (14)
Copenhagen Vega Main Hall (16)

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