Albert Hammond Jr says Julian Casablancas was ‘floored’ by his new solo EP

Strokes guitarist will release 'AHJ' EP through Casablancas' label Cult Records in October

The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr has revealed that a song on his new solo EP “floored” bandmate Julian Casablancas when he first heard it.

Hammond Jr, who released a new album with The Strokes called ‘Comedown Machine’ earlier this year, discusses his solo EP in a new interview with NME. In the interview, published in this week’s issue, available digitally and on newsstands from tomorrow (September 4), the guitarist and solo singer also reveals what Casablancas is like as a boss – as the Strokes frontman is set to release Hammond Jr’s EP via his Cult Records label next month.

“I’d been talking to Julian about wanting to release something on his label since he started it,” Hammond Jr explains. “He was like, ‘Let’s put out a song’. So I went, ‘Alright, I’ll start working with Gus [Oberg] and maybe after we do a few songs there’ll be one that’s fun in there.’ I sent him the first, ‘Cooker Ship’, and he was floored. I got an email back with a million ‘yes’-es on it!”

He continues: “It wasn’t originally going to be an EP, it was going to be one song, then it was going to be two, then it was going to be three. Julian was like, ‘Let’s cap it at three.’ But then I went, ‘Well I have one more,’ and he said, ‘That one’s good, we’ll do four.’ He goes, ‘We’ve got to stop now… but that was your best one!'”

Hammond Jr will release the solo EP, titled ‘AHJ’, on October 8. It follows his 2006 debut album ‘Yours to Keep’ and a second solo LP, 2008’s ‘¿Cómo Te Llama?’. The new release was produced, engineered and mixed by Gus Oberg and recorded in Hammond Jr.’s own studios in Manhattan and upstate New York.

The ‘AHJ’ tracklisting is:

‘Cooker Ship’
‘Strange Tidings’
‘Carnal Cruise’
‘Rude Customer’
‘St. Justice’

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