The Strokes’ booking agent reckons new music is coming

The band previously debuted new track 'The Adults Are Talking'

The Strokes‘ booking agent has given an update on the band’s future music plans.

Back in May, the New York band debuted new song ‘The Adults Are Talking’ at The Wiltern in Los Angeles.

“With a back-to-basics Strokes guitar riff, the song has the more playful vocal melodies that the band have toyed with on their later material”, NME said at the time.


It marked the band’s first new material since 2016’s ‘Future Present Past’ EP. They’ve not released an album since 2013’s acclaimed ‘Comedown Machine‘.

Now in an interview with Music Business Worldwide, Artist Group International President Marsha Vlasic said more new music from the band was on the way.

She also spoke about their recent performance at the New York festival Governors Ball which was cancelled due to heavy thunderstorms.

“The Strokes are coming with new music,” Vlasic said. “We had a heartbreak [June 2nd] in New York when they were headlining Governors Ball, the weather destroyed our show and we never played, but having them back on the live music scene is exciting.”

The band recently appeared at All Points East festival in London.


But their comeback was plagued by sound issues as many fans complained the show was “ruined”.

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