Watch The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas join The Raconteurs to perform ‘The Modern Age’

It's the first time White and Casablancas have shared a stage since the early '00s

Julian Casablancas joined The Raconteurs onstage last night to deliver a special rendition of The Strokes‘ ‘The Modern Age’. Check out fan-shot footage below.

The Jack White-fronted group, who released their long-awaited album ‘Help Us Stranger‘ this summer, performed in Mexico City yesterday evening (November 18).

During the encore, White and co. welcomed Casablancas to the stage as they launched into ‘Is This It’ highlight ‘The Modern Age’. Towards the end of the energetic performance, The Strokes’ frontman clambered up onto a speaker stack before bowing down to fellow indie icon White. After the song ended, the singer quickly departed the stage to rapturous applause.


The Raconteurs posted a series of images of the performance on their official Instagram account following the show. See those below.

As Consequence Of Sound notes, this is the first time White and Casablancas have shared a stage since the early ’00s. During The Strokes’ hometown show at NYC’s Radio City Music Hall in 2002, White performed ‘New York City Cops’ with the group.

Meanwhile, The Strokes are set to headline Lollapalooza South America next year alongside Travis Scott and Guns N’ Roses.


Guitarist Nick Valensi teased back in Septmeber that the band had completed work on their new album, which will follow on from 2013’s ‘Comedown Machine‘. This came after The Strokes debuted a new song called ‘The Adults Are Talking’ in May.

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