The Subways premiere new tracks at comeback show

Trio return with intimate gig

The Subways showcased six new tracks for a special comeback gig in London tonight (May 17).

The trio returned to the scene of their first ever concert for a special show at the Buffalo Bar.

The intimate gig was a one-off before they head off to the US to record their second album next month.

Speaking to NME.COM before the band took to the stage, singer Billy Lunn said: “It’s really nice to come back tonight, but it almost feels like a going away gig because we’re about to go over to America to record our new album after this.

“I remember when when we played our first ever gig down here four or five years ago. We were like 15 years old at the time and we pretended to be 18. We stood at the door and just said: ‘Look, we really want to play a gig’. It was great because while everyone else was doing their homework we were here getting pissed and sharing life stories.”

The trio kicked off their raucous 45-minute set with new track ‘I Won’t Let You Down’ before they went on to premiere ‘Kalifornia’, ‘Turnaround’, ‘Burst’ and ‘Shake! Shake!’.

As they launched into another new track, ‘Girls & Boys’, Lunn told the audience: “This song is about how we hate most of the music that’s around right now.”

Later, The Subways sparked a mass moshpit for the likes of hit single ‘Rock & Roll Queen’ and ‘Mary’.

During the close of the set Lunn asked the crowd for a bottle of beer before he joked: “This next song is ‘The Eagle Has Landed’,” and then brought the show to a climax with ‘Oh Yeah’.

The gig culminated in the band trashing their equipment as they left the stage.

The Subways played:

‘I Won’t Let You Down’


‘I Want To Hear What You Have Got To Say’

‘Girls & Boys’


‘Rock & Roll Queen’



‘With You’


‘Oh Yeah’

Support came from Holiday Romance and The Culprits.