The Subways want to move to the sea

The band are West Country-bound…

THE SUBWAYS singer BILLY LUNN has written a new song inspired by his recent illness on tour.

The band recently had to cancel shows in Europe after Lunn fell sick.

During his time in a hotel room the singer started work on a new track, provisionally titled ‘I Want To Move To Newlyn’.


He explained: “I was up in this hotel in Cologne and the only program that was English speaking on TV was about these fishermen in the south west of the country in this place called Newlyn. It looked really cool – I was feeling really shit and I thought ‘I just really want to move to Newlyn and become a fisherman’.”

The lyrics include the lines: “I want to move to Newlyn and become fisherman / I want to search the seaside for a nice blue hideaway.”

He laughed: “And then there’s stuff about sailing away to Bali and making friends in the Antarctic. That’s the kind of stuff you do when you’re floating in and out of consciousness on a drug high from medication!”