Billy Lunn is struck down with flu but still manages to play gigs…

THE SUBWAYS were forced to cut short two German shows and pull out of a festival this weekend after singer BILLY LUNN was taken ill with gastric flu.

The band were due to play Hamburg’s Knust on Thursday (July 21) when the frontman began complaining of stomach cramps.

Ignoring a doctor’s advice that he should go to hospital, Lunn kicked off The Subways’ show and played for 25 minutes before walking to the side of the stage and collapsing.


The rest of the show was pulled by the group’s management.

The following day, the band flew to Berlin for a gig at The Magnet (July 22), but Lunn was forced to go to hospital, though still managed to play a quick four song set including ’Oh Yeah’ and Rock ‘N’ Roll Queen’ so as not to disappoint fans.

However, The Subways were forced to cancel their appearance at Cornwall’s K Festival on Saturday (July 23).

Speaking to NME.COM today (July 25), Lunn insisted he was on the mend. “I’m feeling really good,” he explained, “because I’ve been pretty much sleeping all of the time I’m awake and writing songs constantly now.”