The band spill the beans on their new single…

The Tearshave revealed the inspiration for their forthcoming debut single ‘REFUGEES’.

The track, which is due out in the spring, was written by the pair in response to immigration policies and public attitudes to refugees in the UK.

“It started off as a song of identification with the hoards of refugees who were flooding London a few years ago wiping car windows and selling counterfeit cigarettes,” Brett Anderson told NME.COM. “They became an underclass which people decided to look down upon. The song was saying that although these people are wiping your windows and doing these shitty jobs doesn’t make them any worse or any better than anyone else.”

Anderson confirmed that The Tears, which he formed with ex-Suede guitarist Bernard Butler, are keen to stress their political views through the single, and are encouraging fans to get interested too.

“There’s a lot of scaremongering right-wing politicians that will tell you that your country is being destabilised by refugees, just to win a few votes,” declared Anderson. “It’s a load of old bollocks. Immigration is essential to living in a healthy, diverse, multicultural 21st century society.”

As reported earlier this week on NME.COM, the bandwill play a series of dates later this year. The shows are at:

Cambridge Junction (April 18)

Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall (20)

Portsmouth Pyramid Centre (22)

Liverpool Carling Academy (23)

Newcastle University (24)

London Shepherds Bush Empire (May 23)

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