And Brett tells NME.COM he has finally "got his demon back"...

THE TEARS wowed LONDON last night (February 16), with singer BRETT ANDERSON declaring that he has finally “got his demon back”.

The band formed by Anderson and estranged Suede guitarist Bernard Butler played their first high-profile show at the Shockwaves NME Awards Shows at London Astoria.

When Suede split up Anderson famously declared, “There has been speculation about record sales and chart positions, but the bottom line is I NEED TO DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET MY DEMON BACK.”

But speaking exclusively to NME.COM after the performance, Anderson assured us that the demon has returned safe and well.

He said: “I definitely was missing it for a couple of years but yeah, I do have it back. It’s nice, I’ve missed him! It took to six years to make two albums with Suede and it took me one year to make two albums on my own.”

As well as the forthcoming Tears album, Anderson has made a solo record.

“It’s not in any way disrespecting the members of Suede, but like any relationship it gets stale, and I’ve got utter respect for them as people and as musicians but it got to the stage where it got a bit too much like a job, and I always promised myself it wouldn’t become like that.”

Anderson also confirmed that his reunion with Butler would be long-term: “We’re already talking about the second album; we were talking about it the other day. It’s not gonna be safe in any way, it’s gonna be pretty spectacular.”

The Tears did not play any of their Suede back-catalogue, instead previewing material from their forthcoming album, including ‘The Lovers’, ‘Beautiful Pain’ and ‘Apollo 13’.

The night boasted a support line-up of Nine Black Alps, The Dead 60s and The Magic Numbers.

Paying tribute to the bands, Anderson said: “I’m a bit biased because we’ve done a couple of dates with The Dead 60s so I’ve seen them more than the other bands, I loved them actually, they were great, they did a fantastic show in Manchester, it was really enjoyable. Lots of ska influences, lots of Clash in there, very exciting. I missed Nine Black Alps so I can’t really comment on them but I’ve heard The Magic Numbers before and they sound great. There’s some really exciting stuff around at the moment, I really like The Bravery, The Departure and The Concretes.”

He also declared their own show a success: “This is only our sixth gig or something ever, so we’re still learning our way round the songs, learning our way round how to behave on stage. It’s still really early days.

“I’m mainly aware of not letting people down. It’s always been the way me and Bernard work best together, we’ve always challenged each other. Bernard writes something great and I try and write something great to it and the same on stage. With Suede, one of the problems I had with it was that I almost had too much control, and towards the end I didn’t feel like I was being challenged. It’s really important for someone to keep pushing you all the time, and Bernard does that.”