The Thrills begin work on third album

Possible live shows on the way too

The Thrills have revealed that they have begun work on their third album.

It will be the follow up to 2004’s ‘Let’s Bottle Bohemia’.

Posting on the band’s official website singer Conor Deasy wrote: “We will return to our rural retreat in a few weeks to give the songs a final polish and tie up any loose ends. In the intervening weeks I’ll continue writing and hopefully have a couple of new songs ready to throw on the heap.”

He also revealed the band will return to working with producer Tony Hoffer, who produced their 2003 debut ‘So Much For The City’.

He said: “We used to think that for a band to progress, you couldn’t use the same producer again. In hindsight that was a bad case of tunnel vision and group think. Tony is a great producer and a lovely guy. I believe we can make a really exciting record together without repeating ourselves.”

The singer also said that the band hope to fit in some live shows before the band begin recording in February, adding, “Time permitting, if we can make them happen, we’ll keep you posted.”