And they've been telling NME.COM just how much the movie 'The Virgin Suicides' influenced the LP...

The Thrills have completed their debut album ‘SO MUCH FOR THE CITY’.

The LP, released on June 30 through Virgin, was produced by Tony Hoffer, who has previously worked with Supergrass, Air and Beck.

NME.COM caught up with the band in San Diego, where they were relaxing after filming a video for future single ‘Big Sur’ , which will be released on June 9.


For the video the band brought in director Diane Martell, famous for her work with N*E*R*D and Justin Timberlake. Singer Conor Deasy said the band liked “the look” of those videos, and made the approach.

“We just shot the video in LA,” he said. “She’s done a lot of hip-hop videos. It’s performance based. It’s basically a take on the whole – [a][/a] style beach videos from the ’60s. Drums on the sand, station wagon behind us – it’s cool! It was fun to make and it’s all bikini girls running around. It’s going to look good.”

Conor said that the movie ‘The Virgin Suicides’ has also been a massive inspiration, not only on the video, but also on ‘So Much For The City’.

“We’re big fans of that movie, and we wanted to get that hazy, surreal summery feel about it. It was a big movie for us. The soundtrack works so well with the film that they’re intertwined. When we were in the studio we bought the video and we watched it quite a bit in between takes.”

The group have confirmed they will play at this year’s Glastonbury Festival on June 28, as well as a selection of their own shows in the UK and Japan.