The Irish popsters say the follow-up to 'So Much For The City' will document their rollercoaster year...

The Thrills’ second album will document their rollercoaster last 12 months, according to singer CONOR DEASY.

The band have been in out in LA working on tracks for the album, the follow-up to last year’s ’So Much For The City’.

Speaking to Billboard in the US, Deasy said the album sounds “great”.

He said: “The songs sound so great at the moment and it sounds like a really nice progression. It is always hard to talk about something when it is not finished, and when you are in the middle of it, you are so close to it and kind of lacking perspective.

“But we’ve been on the road for a year, playing almost 130 shows, so I think it is a bit more of a live dynamic there. It is very much songwriting based though. Maybe it is a little bit more ambiguous and a little bit more raw, lyrically. It just feels like a year in the life of The Thrills.”

Song titles include ‘The Irish Keep Gate Crashing’, ‘Smoke and Mirrors’, ‘Introducing The Fall Guy’, ‘Tell Me Something I Don’t Know’ and ‘Follow My Rosebud’.

The band are currently planning live shows for later this year.