Ting Tings team up with Calvin Harris for comeback single

Band to release 'Hands' in October

The Ting Tings are set to release their comeback single, ‘Hands’, on October 11, NME can announce. The single has been mixed by Calvin Harris.

The single will be the first from the Salford duo’s Berlin-recorded second album, due later in 2010, which they have previously said will be named ‘Kunst’.

Speaking of the album sessions, drummer and main songwriter Jules De Martino said: “Our time in Berlin was a fresh start, with no rules again. When you’ve had an album that’s been successful, the danger is you go back in the studio, look back and try and emulate it.”

Frontwoman Katy White added: “It’d be so lazy and easy to make the same album twice.”

‘Hands’ will be released on 12-inch limited-edition vinyl and as a digital download. The cover art is pictured.