The Ting Tings: Our new album has a ‘dark side’

Duo say recording in Berlin gave album 'serious' edge

The Ting Tings have revealed that their forthcoming second album has more of a “dark side” than their 2008 debut ‘We Started Nothing’.

Katie White and Jules De Martino have been recording the album, which is currently untitled, in Berlin over the past year.

The duo have said that the songs have more of a “serious” edge than previous material, reports Yahoo.

De Martino commented: “It was hard for us to judge this LP because we’re always wrong, we say we have made a more serious record and then people will think it’s really uplifting.”

He added: “I think this album has a dark side to it, more so than the first one.”

Earlier this year, The Ting Tings told NME that they were keen to shun their native Manchester when choosing a location for the sessions.

The album is due out in 2011, although no release date has been confirmed. The first single from the album, ‘Hands’, was released last October.