Ting Tings to record second album in Berlin jazz club

Duo will mix recording with partying in the Germany capital

The Ting Tings have spoken in detail on their plans to record their second album in Berlin.

The duo have previously stated their intention to work in the German capital because they find it inspiring, but have now explained they hope to convert an old jazz club into a studio.

“We fell in love with Berlin the times we’ve played there… we go there in October when we finish the Pink tour,” drummer-vocalist Jules De Martino told BBC Radio 1 Newsbeat.


Singer Katie White added they hoped to use their unlikely venue to test out songs as they go.

“We did the first album by throwing house parties, we’d try them out on our drunk friends and if they danced we’d go ‘Great, let’s carry on!’,” she explained. “We’re gonna do the same in Berlin – that’s why we’ve got the jazz club – so we can just stick a big plastic bag over the studio so it doesn’t get beer on and experiment on some crazy Berliners.”

The pair added they have yet to write any complete songs for the album, but said they had plenty of ideas for the follow-up to 2008’s ‘We Started Nothing’.