The Ting Tings’ former label responds to ‘cash in’ claims

Switchflicker Records deny they are doing anything wrong

Switchflicker Records, the record company that released 1,000 vinyl copies of The Ting Tings‘ single, ‘That’s Not My Name’/ ‘Great DJ’ last year, have responded to claims by the band that they are now cashing in on the band’s success.

The Ting Tings were critical on their blog about copies of their first release currently being sold at inflated prices – however, the label insisted they are doing nothing wrong as they own the stock and were selling selling remaining copies in line with the record’s current value.

Switchflicker Records supported The Ting Tings in the early stages of their career and released 1,000 copies of their debut single (‘That’s Not My Name’/’Great DJ’) in June of last year,” they explained in a statement. “Switchflicker has the invoice, order form and credit card receipt to prove that the label paid for these and not The Ting Tings. These seven-inch vinyl copies were sold at £2 each.


Switchflicker is selling the remaining stock (which the label owns) at today’s market price. People have already sold unsigned copies for £50 on eBay).”

The label added that they were surprised the band had criticised them bearing in mind their financial status.

The Ting Tings signed a multi-option recording agreement with Columbia Records and publishing agreement with Sony-ATV Music Publishing. Both deals have reportedly provided the band with significant income,” they said.

Switchflicker is, by contrast, a small independent label which has made no profit in respect of releasing the single, which brought the band to everyone’s attention.

Switchflicker wishes them well.”