The Ting Tings go ‘Blue Peter’ on their record sleeves

Band teach fans how to make DIY album covers

The Ting Tings have made a video showing fans how to customise album covers.

Speaking to, the band got arty with Blondie and Madonna LPs, covering them in coloured masking tape.

Singer Katie White explained that they made their early CD covers in the same way.

“When we first put our record out we made our own promos and we had no money so we found some card knocking around, it was bright pink card, and then we got masking tape and just stuck it on the front and sent them out with our name written on them like that,” she said of their ‘Blue Peter’-esque ‘here’s one I made earlier’ creations. “Everyone started talking about it!”

Meanwhile, The Ting Tings have announced details of a UK tour, which kicks off in February 2009.