The Ting Tings slam ‘That’s Not My Name’ cash-in

Band hit out at a former friend who is flogging rare singles

The Ting Tings have hit out at a former friend who has been selling rare copies of the band’s Number One single, ‘That’s Not My Name’, for around £60 each online.

The band originally pressed up 500 copies of the single last year, with the rare vinyl record now hot property since the band became a Number One-selling act.

Writing on, the band urged fans not to fork out for the singles.

“Unfortunately, when we put out our first vinyl copies of ‘That’s Not My Name’ with a friend last year for kicks, she kept some back and is now trying to sell them to you guys for £60 apiece,” they wrote. “This is nothing to do with us.

“We would never charge that money for our singles. Cashing in is shocking. We pressed up 500 copies which we put on our credit card because we had no money.”

However the label involved Switchflicker denied they were doing anything wrong.

Switchflicker Records supported The Ting Tings in the early stages of their career and released 1000 copies of their debut single (‘That’s Not My Name’/’Great DJ’) in June of last year,” they explained in a statement. “Switchflicker has the invoice, order form and credit card receipt to prove that the label paid for these and not The Ting Tings. These 7″ vinyl copies were sold at £2 each.”

They added that the any unsold singles they had were now being sold at a price in line with its current value.

Switchflicker is selling the remaining stock (which the label owns) at today’s market price – people have already sold unsigned copies for £50 on eBay,” they explained. “Switchflicker wishes them [the band] well.”