The Twang speak about new album

The band aren't rushing it this time round

Birmingham band The Twang have talked about their forthcoming second album, which they are currently working on.

The follow-up to their group’s 2007 debut album ‘Love It When I Feel Like This’ should be out in January 2009.

The band explained that they aren’t in a hurry to get stuff out like they were the first time round.


Speaking to the Daily Star frontman Phil Etheridge said: “When we first got a deal it was quite a rush to get stuff out because of the hype. We didn’t even realise it at the time.”

However, the group’s other vocalist Martin Saunders said they won’t succumb to pressure to rush-release album number two.

He said: “Obviously there’s pressure to put the second record out but we’ve got a bit of time so we can graft on this and make a great album.”

When asked about the new songs, Etheridge added he was “buzzing” about them.