The Twang rock Jersey Live

Phil Etheridge and co. up the festival rock ante

The Twang played a high-octane set tonight (September 1) at the Jersey Live festival.

The atmosphere on the festival site previous to their 20:30 GMT performance had been polite and sedate, bar the tail end of a set from The Enemy, which got the crowd dancing.

But Phil Etheridge and his band induced mass dancing and cheering as 10,000 fans sang along to hits such as ‘Wide Awake’ and ‘Two Lovers’.


As The Enemy’s singer Tom Clarke had done during his bands earlier set at the festival, The Twang’s singer Phil Etheridge acknowledged the sedate atmosphere, saying, “Let’s speed the fucking pace up a bit, you know?” before leading his band through ‘Wide Awake’.

His gear-up worked, and during the song the crowd shifted up a gear with mass dancing. During the song a fan passed a large Twang flag to Etheridge, who waved it around victoriously.

The set ended with a celebratory rendition of ‘Cloudy Room’, which left the fans cheering for more as Etheridge led his band off-stage after their 40-minute show came to a close.

The Twang played:

‘The Neighbour’

‘Loosely Dancing’


‘Either Way’

‘Reap What You Sow’

‘Push The Ghosts’

‘Ice Cream Sundae’

‘Two Lovers’

‘Wide Awake’

‘Cloudy Room’