Steve McClaren England sacking – bands are glad he’s gone

The Twang say we're better off without England coach

Bands including The Twang have backed the decision to sack Steve McClaren as England coach this morning (November 22).

The boss of the national team was given his marching orders at special meeting this morning after England were beaten by Croatia at London‘s Wembley Stadium last night and therefore failed to qualify for next year’s European Championships in Austria and Switzerland.

Reacting to the news The Twang’s co-vocalist Martin Saunders said he was pleased McClaren had gone after the disappointing qualification campaign.

“It’s fucking gutting, isn’t it? But I woke up and heard that McClaren’s gone and I feel a bit boosted by that,” he declared. “We were dead cert to do out before and Israel did us a favour (by beating Russia recently). It seemed like anything was possible. But last night it felt like we were fucked.”

The singer blamed England’s failure to qualify on their earlier performances in the qualification group, when they failed to beat international teams like Macedonia.

“After going 0-0 against Macedonia it felt like ‘If we play like this we don’t deserve it’,” he added. “But at least we got rid of that twat (McClaren).”