Twang singer ruining his voice?

Phil Etheridge thinks booze is destroying vocal chords

Twang singer Phil Etheridge believes that alcohol is ruining his voice.

Etheridge has said that he wants to cut back on his partying ways to protect his vocal chords.

“My throat is starting to tear up now, and I’m worried about this next tour. Without being too emotional, if I can’t sing I’m lost,” he said.

“We’ve been on tour since January, and we’ve been caning it. I have got to calm it down. I haven’t had a night off the drink since we’ve been signed.”

Etheridge said that the band’s partying ways had it limits.

He told The Daily Record: “We’ll keep our heads though. The others know I’m the boss, and no one is going to start taking smack. They’ll have their arms cut off if they do.”