The Twang brand Mike Skinner a ‘fucking geezer’

Band reveal all to NME.COM about collaboration

The Twang have described Mike Skinner as a “fucking geezer” after working with their hero on the remix of their forthcoming single ‘Either Way’.

The band, who look on the rapper as a huge inspiration behind their own work, said they loved seeing him add his magic touch to the track.

Bassist Jon Watkin, who wrote the original song, told NME.COM: “I love the remix I have to admit. It is kind of surreal hearing his voice on one of our tunes. I mean fucking hell, he’s a legend isn’t he? He’s set standards and pushed boundaries. I don’t think anyone has done what he’s done.”

The Brummie upstarts also got the chance to meet their hero for the first time when they filmed the video for the remix on Brighton beach.

“We were all in Brighton and it was fucking freezing at the time,” explains Watkin. “It was ace man, but it was also a bit mad for us because we haven’t really met many famous people who we rate as big and suddenly we’re on fucking Brighton beach with Skinner, dancing around with his shades on. We were all looking at each other thinking: ‘Fucking hell man. This is mad!’.”

Of their hero he added: “He’s a fucking geezer man. He was really sound to us. When you meet people like that and you’ve achieved what he’s achieved and he’s dead sound that’s fucking ace. We had a good day with him. We had a few drinks. It was funny because Matty (Clinton, drummer) decided to take his waterproofs off and jump in the sea. Fucking twat!”

Although the video is available to watch on YouTube, it does not appear on the original single, which is released on Monday (May 28).

But Watkin did confirm that it is likely to appear on the limited version of their debut album ‘Love It When I Feel Like This’, alongside four bonus live tracks.

The clip of ‘Either Way’ featuring Skinner can be seen below.