The Twang made to re-record second album

Birmingham five-piece have two stabs at their new effort

The Twang have revealed that they were initially sent back into the studio to re-record their forthcoming second album.

The Birmingham five-piece said initial sessions in Spain for ‘Jewellery Quarter’ with producer Youth, who produced The Verve‘s ‘Urban Hymns’, weren’t up to scratch – and their label B-Unique sent them back to the drawing board.

“It weren’t up to our standards man,” frontman Phil Etheridge told BBC Newsbeat. “They [the record label] knew we could write a better record.”


Speaking about his own instincts during the aborted sessions he added: “I knew after the second or third day it wasn’t right.”

The band eventually debunked back to Birmingham, in the area where the title for follow up to their 2007 debut ‘Love It When I Feel Like This’ was born.

“It was really important to come back and not be one of those bands which writes one record then disappears,” Etheridge said. “My whole thing now is just to stay in the game and write another record – there is space for The Twang.

“I really wanted to concentrate on making a body of work. Like a piece of art.”

‘Jewellery Quarter’ is out on July 20.