Feargal Sharkey: ‘UK can overtake US to become top music nation’

UK Music chief also calls for new cabinet committee

Head of music industry umbrella group UK Music Feargal Sharkey has said that he believes the UK can overtake the US to be the world’s most successful musical nation within the next ten years.

The former Undertones singer also called for a new cabinet committee that would report to the Prime Minister and let ministers focus policies for creative industries such as music, reports BBC News.

“We think can be number one,” he said. “We’re not far off it.”


He added that he had already been been “quietly discussing” the prospect of a new committee with people already in government.

“The next step is very easy,” he explained. “The government needs to say ‘that’s a great idea’, and get on with it. We could have the whole thing in place by the end of the week.”

The call came as UK Music released a new report entitled Liberating Creativity. The full report can be downloaded from Ukmusic.org.