Reports the band will headline the newly-renamed John Peel Stage are premature...

Undertones slot at next year’s GLASTONBURY festival has not yet been confirmed, despite organiser MICHAEL EAVIS’ hints that they will headline the JOHN PEEL STAGE.

Eavis said in a recent interview with the Bristol Evening Post (November 1) that the band were likely to headline the stage dedicated to the late DJ on the Saturday night.

“As soon as Undertones found about the John Peel Stage they were on the phone asking if they could play on the stage because John helped make them too,” said Eavis.


A message from the band’s manager Andy Ferguson however states that the band have not been approached to play the festival.

“To be honest the band’s thoughts are for John’s family and they are not ready to consider these sort of things so soon. Yes, one of the band did, in an emotional response to the announcement that there would be a John Peel Stage, indicate that he would like to play. However Glastonbury have not contacted or put any proposal to us. We don’t know what the John Peel Stage will be all about. Undertones have never been invited to play at Glastonbury before but if they are then all the band will be involved in considering any proposal.”

OutKast have been confirmed to play the festival, which is still subject to licence.