The Vaccines: ”English Graffiti’ contains the best pop songs we’ve ever written’ – video

The group's third album is set for release at the start of summer

The Vaccines have said that their new album ‘English Graffiti’ features the ‘best pop songs’ they’ve ever written.

Speaking to NME in a video interview which you can watch above, frontman Justin Young added that the band’s third LP “sounds more like a rock record than an indie record – which was one of the big aims… I think it’s an ambitious record as well”. He also says the album is “quite eclectic sounding in terms of song style”.

The Vaccines previously revealed that the title came from an article Young read in The New York Times about the globalisation of culture. “We live in a really weird time. We’re voyeurs. We’re constantly looking at this constructed reality online. We feel super-connected, but I don’t think we are. I feel a massive disconnect between what we perceive to be real and attainable and what actually is,” he said.

The band also said that they’ve been more adventurous with their new album and intend for the record to be so “genre-defining” that it will “sound terrible in 10 years”.

Alongside single ‘Handsome’ and the track ‘Dream Lover’, the band have confirmed other tracks that will be appearing on the album include ‘Want You So Bad’, the first song Young wrote for the album and what he calls “a really pretty love song. It’s my best attempt at sounding sexy. I thought, ‘By the end if this, you’ll want me so bad’,” he added.

Other tracks include “hyper” ‘Radio Bikini’, the band’s answer to Dead Kennedy’s ‘Holiday In Cambodia’. “It’s a song about the bombing of Bikini Atoll [after World War II] disguised as a song about summer,” Young revealed.