The Vaccines’ singer Justin Young: ‘I’m playing drums now – Eagles, Genesis style’

Young may drum on future material

The Vaccines‘ Justin Young may play drums on the band’s future material.

Speaking to NME earlier this week, the singer revealed the four-piece have been working on new tracks, and they may see him performing from behind a drum kit.

“[The new songs] don’t have names yet. But I’m playing drums now – Eagles, Genesis style. I’ve never really been able to play guitar and I was inspired by watching Phil Collins. I’m not lying. I’m doing lead vocals from the drums and Pete’s playing guitar and keytar.


“I don’t wanna say much more at this point because I don’t know whether it’s going to work, but I feel like anything is possible now. Hand on heart, last week we wrote 50 complete songs.”

NMEAndy Hughes/NME

Young recently criticised the Mercury Prize as only appealing to the “cafetiere drinking, Kentish Town-dwelling 6 Music listener”. The shortlist for this year’s prize was announced last week (October 16) with albums by Jamie xx, Florence + The Machine, Slaves, Wolf Alice and Aphex Twin among those nominated. Though eligible, The Vaccines’ 2015 album ‘English Graffiti’ did not make the cut.

However, Young maintains that he isn’t disappointed to miss out because his band have never found favour with the Mercury prize judges. “We’ve never been nominated so we never expect to be,” he told NME, adding: “The cafetiere drinking, Kentish Town-dwelling, Pizza East, 6 Music listener; that’s not our demographic.”

Young went on to say that although he likes many of the albums nominated for this year’s prize, there are some notable snubs. “As always there are some great artists and some that are more surprising. I was surprised not to see Foals, Maccabees or Everything Everything – I think they represent a corner of British music that maybe hasn’t been [represented]. But then I’d say the same about the absence of grime.”

Looking at reasons as to why certain genres have gone unrewarded, Young continued: “I think it looks like a list that’s compiled by old people. It looks like the 12 records my dad bought this year, and I’m not saying that in a nasty way because there are records on there that I love, but there are elements of it that feel slightly out of touch”.

Pushed to name the artist and album he’d like to see win, Young plucked for fellow London act Wolf Alice. “There’s nothing on there that I didn’t think was worthy though, that’s for sure. I think it’s really nice to see Wolf Alice on there – there’s a very pure story with no pretention there and very pure music. They’re a good pick.”