The Vaccines and Mumford & Sons wear dresses for one-off gig

The Salvador Dali Parton supergroup play six shows in as many hours on Saturday night (October 26) in Nashville

A supergroup featuring Justin Young of The Vaccines and Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons played six gigs in as many hours in Nashville on Saturday night (October 26)

The band – called Salvador Dali Parton – also featured Jake Orrall of JEFF the Brotherhood, Mike Harris of Apache Relay and Gill Landry of Old Crow Medicine Show. The band existed for just one night, recording a live album for future release in the process.

Rolling Stone describes the band’s songs as sounding, “like a sloppy, sludge-y early Black Sabbath ground down into Dadaist shambles.” One unnamed track is compared to Spinal Tap’s taking on Neil Young and Crazy Horse while the first ever Salvador Dali Parton gig reportedly ended with a “D.C.-style hardcore song that inspired a brief, 30 seconds of slam dancing from the crowd”.

Meanwhile, lyrics to one song in the band’s 20 minute long sets includes the lines, “I want to suck and fuck you black and blue.”

Speaking to the publication, Salvador Dali Parton frontman Justin Young said: “I’ve toured with pretty much all of [these guys], I’ve never played in a band with them. I don’t know when it all began, but this is the end.”

Dressing up for the occasion, Young performed throughout the night while dressed in Friar Tuck-style robes while Marshall and Orrall wore white dresses. Mike Harris sported Gene Simmons’ KISS make-up and Landry dressed as an Orthodox Jewish rabbi. S

alvador Dali Parton ended their night of live shows by performing their sixth gig at a house party thrown by Nashville band Diarrhea Planet.