The Vaccines’ Justin Young says One Direction are ‘natural songwriters’

Frontman has written songs with Niall Horan and Harry Styles of chart topping act

The Vaccines‘ Justin Young has praised One Direction‘s Niall Horan and Harry Styles as “natural” songwriters after working with them on their new material.

Young recently spent time writing songs with the pair after meeting Styles and bonding with him over his love of The Cribs. Speaking to MTV News, the frontman explained how he had found working with the duo “exciting”, but also suggested it was unlikely that the boyband would be ditching their pop-friendly sound for a heavier sound despite their collaboration.

“They are both natural writers,” said Justin. “I love writing songs and love pop music, so the process was exciting. I don’t think they are going for a heavier, indie sound. Maybe it’s damaged my credibility, but it wasn’t The Vaccines who wrote for them, it was me, so I doubt it’s damaged the band’s.”


Justin Young previously defended his decision to write with One Direction during an interview with NME. Speaking about “small minded” critics, young said: “People who don’t understand why I would want to work with One Direction are old-fashioned and small-minded and tribal,” he says. “Someone asked me if we were selling out and I thought, how have I gone back on my word? At no point have we professed to be indie.”

One Direction are widely rumoured to be releasing a new album at the end of 2013. It will be their third album following the release of ‘Up All Night’ in 2011 and ‘Take Me Home’ in 2012.