The Vaccines say they want to release ‘two or three records’ a year

Band released third album 'English Graffiti' in May

The Vaccines have stated that “there’s been talk already of releasing new music” despite only recently releasing a new album.

The band’s third record ‘English Graffiti’ was released in May, following 2012’s ‘Come Of Age’ and 2011 debut ‘What Did You Expect from The Vaccines?’.

Now, speaking to NME in a video interview (scroll below to watch), frontman Justin Young said: “I think there’s been talk already of releasing new music like sooner rather than later.”


The singer continued: “I think that we really needed that break after two or five years, well, three or four years of constant touring, and two records and an EP. I certainly don’t feel like I need that break any time soon again.”

Bandmate Freddie Cowan agreed with Young and suggested that the band might revert back to the music industry’s old method of releasing multiple records in a year.

“I think there’s this feeling these days that there’s such a long gap between each record, that each creative period gets one record, whereas I think it used to be one or two records a year, back in the ’60s. Each creative period would get two or three records, and I feel like we’ve actually got more to come from this chapter,” Cowan said.

Cowan added: “I don’t like this idea of ‘Let’s make a record and three years later we’ll come back with something else’. I find those gaps too long!”

Justin Young recently told NME that he wants The Vaccines to be as big as U2, The Rolling Stones, Arctic Monkeys and Muse.