The Vaccines’ Justin Young: ‘We know how dumb our lyrics are’

'I like stupid fucking clunky lyrics,' says singer

The Vaccines‘ Justin Young has claimed that his lyrics are “knowingly dumb”.

In an interview with the Guardian, the frontman said he purposefully penned “stupid fucking clunky lyrics” and insisted that he likes “young, dumb and primitive” pop music.

When asked about the criticism his band had faced after releasing their 2011 debut LP ‘What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?’, Young – who revealed last week that he lives every day in fear of losing his voice after undergoing surgery last year to save it – responded:

I like stupid fucking clunky lyrics. People probably don’t realise how knowingly dumb they are. All the pop music I like is young, dumb and primitive. I want to make that kind of music.

The singer also spoke about his vision for the band’s future, revealing: “I really like the idea of giving it up before it all goes downhill. But I also quite like it when bands ride the storm – they fade into obscurity and then come back. I can’t think of a band who’ve been dignified over a whole career, to be honest.

“As soon as you are too old for pantomime, you shouldn’t really be taking part in pantomime,” he added. “But it’s much easier said than done, isn’t it?”

The Vaccines release their second album, ‘The Vaccines Come Of Age’, on September 3. The LP, which was recorded earlier this year, was produced by Ethan Johns, who has previously worked on albums by the likes of Kings Of Leon, Laura Marling and Tom Jones.