The Vaccines’ Justin Young: ‘I live every day in fear of losing my voice’

Singer reveals he had to undergo three operations to save his voice last year

The Vaccines frontman Justin Young has said he lives every day in fear of losing his voice after undergoing surgery last year to save it.

Young had to have three operations on his vocal cords, as the strain of singing and partying had caused them to haemorrhage. While the surgery was successful, doctors have warned him that the problem may return.

He told the Daily Record: “My vocal cords were haemorrhaging, either from shouting socially in bars and being an idiot, or being overly enthusiastic and singing too loud. I had three operations last year because it kept happening.

“I couldn’t even talk or I would break into falsetto. I’d try to sing a note and nothing would come out. I was constantly having to clear my throat. The doctors have said it could come back. It worries me that it will return. It is feeding my OCD. I do live every day in fear of it.”

Young added that he now cares for his voice by not drinking as much as he used to and by changing his singing technique, saying: “I feel it has benefited me because my singing has more character. I feel I am a better singer and there is a softness. There is more of me coming out. I’m not just trying to sing as loudly as I can.”

Meanwhile, The Vaccines have recorded covers of ABBA, Wire and Jonathan Richman on a brand new EP, which they are giving away for free. The EP, which is titled ‘Please, Please Do Not Disturb’, is available to downloaded free from the band’s official website

The band release their second album ‘The Vaccines Come Of Age’ on September 3. The album has been produced by Ethan Johns, who has previously worked on albums by the likes of Kings Of Leon, Laura Marling and Tom Jones. It was recorded earlier this year.