Velvet Underground’s John Cale to represent Wales at art exhibition

Cale has been commissioned to create a work for Venice exhibition

Former Velvet Underground member John Cale has been appointed to represent Wales at a major contemporary art exhibition next year.

Cale, who is from Garnant, south Wales, said he feels “honoured” to be asked to produce a new audio-visual work for the Venice Biennale Of Art, which takes place from June 7 to November 22 next year.

He explained: “As surprised and honoured as I was to be asked to contribute to the Welsh presentation at the Venice Biennale Of Art 2009, it also was a challenge that I eagerly accepted.”


The commissioned work is set to tackle Cale‘s own relationship with the Welsh language and communication in general, reports BBC News.

“It offers an occasion to address certain pernicious issues in my background that had lain dormant for so long,” Cale said. “There are certain experiences uniquely suited to the exorcism of mixed media and I am grateful for this opportunity to address them.”

The work will be exhibited in the Capannone space at the Ex-Birreria, the old brewery building on the island of Giudecca in the Venetian Lagoon.