Fans’ verdict on The Verve’s first new music in a decade

Plus your chance to get hold of the free download now

Fans have been reacting to the fact that The Verve have made new music exclusively available on NME.COM/verve.

The band have made the first 14 minutes of music they created together after deciding to reunite available for free to NME.COM users.

Now you’ve written in to let us know what you think of ‘The Thaw Sessions’, which we’ve been giving away for free since Monday (October 22).


Neil Huxley calls the track a “true return to form,” adding: “Rolling bassline, wall of sound, Ashcroft wailing, the stuff gives me goose bumps, and it’s the only band that’s ever had that affect on me. I cannot wait to hear more and hopefully see them live once again. This is truly a great moment in musical history.”

Alessio Pangos agrees declaring: “The track is absolutely great, The Verve at their best.”

Cristiano Tulio says: “In no time, The Verve could re-create that psychedelic but dynamic ambient that characterized their music style – at least, for me. Reminds me a lot of some songs from ‘Urban Hymns’, as in ’Catching The Butterfly’, for example. We, fans of this extraordinary band, are looking forward to hearing their new songs!”

James Erswell added that ’The Thaw Sessions’ are: “Totally class. [It] looks like old fans and new fans alike will be in for a treat with the new reunion songs. The session particularly evokes memories of early Verve, pre-‘A Storm In Heaven’ era up to ’A Northern Soul’. Classic Verve, it just couldn’t be anyone else.”

With only a handful of all the responses we received being negative about the track – “I just don’t rate it,” declared Brian Smith – the verdict has been overwhelmingly postive towards the band’s return.

Meanwhile, Adam Lee suggested: “The fact that this track was just a jam session could say a lot about the potential greatness of the forthcoming album,” while Barry O’Driscoll concluded: “Superb – they haven’t lost any of the magic and chemistry over the years.”


To download a free version of the band’s first new music in over ten years, simply head to NME.COM/verve now.

The download will be available for free, but only until October 28.

Plus have your say on the new Verve track and debate with other music fans on the NME.COM messageboards now.


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