The Verve reveal titles of first new songs in ten years

Plus band asks fans what songs they want at reunion shows

The Verve have revealed the names of the new songs they’ve written since reuniting earlier this year.

The band, who are set to hit the road in November for a series of reunion shows, have stated their intention to record new material, possibly for an album release next year.

Now, posting on his blog, bassist Simon Jones has given away the titles of some of the new tracks, the band’s first new compositions in over a decade, that may feature live next month.


New songs set to feature include ’Sit And Wonder’, ‘Judas’, ’Appalachian Springs’, ’Mona Lisa’ and ’Rather Be’ – and the bassist wants to know what else fans want to hear at the dates.

“Should I give titles away yet?,” he asked. “Fuck it.

“I don’t want to give the game away (already have), but I would like some feedback on all this – now’s the time to speak up! What have we missed that you wanna hear? Is it too early to play new stuff? Do we skip the obvious? Do we do the obscure? Let me know!”

He then gave fans an insight into what older material the band intend to play.

“The remainder of the week was spent rehearsing ‘up north’ (what a freakin luxury to make music away from that big London place!) with Nick [McCabe, guitarist] and Pete [[Salisbury, drummer],” he wrote.

Richard [Ashcroft, singer] will be joining us later when we’ve gotten the music together. Gotta say – ‘twas the greatest few days playin’ old tunes! Started with ’Life’s An Ocean’ and gotta say it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! So far we got a shortlist of about 20 odd tunes to pool from for these first gigs, in no particular order we played – ’Make It Till Monday’, ’Virtual World’,’She’s A Superstar’, ’Gravity Grave’,’This Is Music’, ’A New Decade’, ’On Your Own’, ’History’, ’Stormy Clouds’, ’Life’s An Ocean’, ’A Northern Soul’, ’All In The Mind!’ (Sounded Amazing), ’B.S.S’ [’Bitter Sweat Symphony’], ’Drugs Don’t Work’, ’Sonnet’, ’Lucky Man’, ’Come On’, ’Weeping Willow’, ’Rolling People’, ’Velvet Morning’, ’Space And Time’, ’Man Called Sun’, ’Starsail’ and new ones.”


Jones added that, in addition to the new songs he mentioned, the band had written a lot of new material which they intend to record early next year.

“September was spent in Terry Britten‘s amazing studio in Richmond. It’s brimming with vintage gear, an old E.M.I desk(Pink Floyd’Dark Side Of The Moon’ era) and billions of guitars, old analogue gear, a treasure trove of effects pedals (Nick like a kid in a toy shop!),” he explained.

“The sessions have been pretty amazing, we certainly have an embarrassment of riches where material is concerned! We will need to do a lot of listening over the next few months before we reconvene in the new year to pull it all together! Plenty of hour long jams and killer choons! we just need to get the balance right.”

Meanwhile, NME.COM will have a very important new announcement from The Verve at midday (BST) on Monday (October 22), so don’t miss out – make sure you’re here next week to find out what it is.


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