The Verve break silence about inter-band fighting

Richard Ashcroft and co explain how they settled their differences

The Verve have revealed how they settled the differences that split up the band after the release of their classic album, ‘Urban Hymns’.

Richard Ashcroft and his band members explain how they resolved their issues in the new issue of NME, on sale now.

“We had quite a lot of time being angry,” guitarist Nick McCabe explained, talking about the fighting that split the band. “Then, once you’ve sort of resolved a lot of things in your own mind, you kind of realise that it wasn’t such a big deal in the first place.

“Then you think, ‘God, what went on there?’ All the stuff that happened since is a bit of a nonsense, really.”

“It’s all bollocks really,” frontman Richard Ashcroft went on to say. “We’re not here to get on the fucking couch. We’ve got our lives, we’ve got kids, we’ve got our wives. There’s a lot of sacrifice goes on making a record and we’re prepared to do that.”

The band are set to tour the UK in November. To read the interview with The Verve in full, get the new issue of NME, on sale now.