The Verve thank fans for ‘most enjoyable tour ever’

Guitarist Nick McCabe declares final London show 'the best night of my life'

The Verve brought their comeback tour to a triumphant close at the Camden Roundhouse in London.

The stunning set on Friday (November 9) lasted over two hours.

Posting on his MySpace page yesterday (Sunday November 11), guitarist Nick McCabe declared the tour “the most enjoyable ever” and the final show “officially my favourite gig of all time.”

Blackpool was great,” he said of the shows on Monday (November 5) and Tuesday (November 6), “but this (the final Roundhouse show) topped it. Officially my favourite gig of all time. Party started at 6:30 meeting friends and family nearby, then me and Mrs Nick had a private disco for a couple of hours courtesy of (tour support DJ) Wayne Griggs‘ monster set piped downstairs.

“Then the boys turn up and the party continues, Si (Jones, bass player) in usual mischievous high spirits. Wee toast and we walk out to you lot – fucking hats off to the best London crowd I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing to.

“Every minute pure joy. No audience = no band,” he continued. “Kept hearing tales of mass weeping. On Saturday I woke up around five recovering from a mate dragging me involuntarily into extended celebration and had a little weep myself. Overwhelmed. Now 4:30 pm on Sunday, back in the west country and I’m still buzzing. Very emotional week. Thank you so much for being part of the most enjoyable tour ever.”

The Verve are now in the studio recording their fourth studio album and preparing for a tour of much larger venues throughout December.

They played:

‘A New Decade’

‘This Is Music’

‘Gravity Grave’

‘Weeping Willow’

‘Life’s An Ocean’


‘Sit And Wonder’

‘Man Called Sun’

‘Already There’

‘Stormy Clouds/(Reprise)’

‘Let The Damage Begin’

‘On Your Own’

‘The Rolling People’

‘The Drugs Don’t Work’

‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’

‘A Northern Soul’


‘Lucky Man’

‘Come On’