The Verve comeback shows: the fans’ verdict

The people pass judgement on the band's live return

Fans have hailed The Verve‘s live return, after the band reunited on stage in Glasgow on Friday night (November 2).

As previously reported on NME.COM, The Verve made their live comeback at Glasgow’s Academy venue.

Fans who attended the gig have e-mailed NME.COM to give their verdict on the comeback, and have been unanimous in their praise for the show.

Here are a selection of comments from fans:

David Brown:

“The show was incredible. They looked and sounded exactly the same [as they did before they split up]. The band looked as if they were really enjoying themselves, all conversing with each other on stage. I can honestly say it was one of the best gigs I’ve ever witnessed.”

Pamela Frame:

“It was a life-changing contender for gig of the century. The band were looking great, and the setlist was great. It was almost as if they didn’t have a setlist, as Nick and Richard had discussions before some of the songs. I was a bit disappointed that they dropped ‘History’. A very special gig indeed.”

Martin Bardeleben:

“We flew in from Hamburg and it was absolutely worth the travel. A spectacular, highly emotional comeback. An intense atmosphere with a strong, charismatic Ashcroft. Great performance!”

Scott Norrie:

“The size of the venue created an intimate atmosphere and you really felt like you were part of something special. Although I have listened to ‘A Northern Soul’ through the years, ‘Urban Hymns’ is my favourite album, and I appreciated the songs from that due to familiarity. To The Verve I would just now like to say “THANK YOU”, and long may you continue producing some of the best tunes in British music history.”

George Marshall:

“What a night! I can’t remember a gig that made me feel that way for a very, very long time. The opening chords of ‘Bitter Sweet Symphony’ had me trembling, with a tear in my eye. Why did these guys ever give up? No one, and I mean no one can touch them. It was like witnessing a religious epic!”

Have you been to any of The Verve’s comeback shows? what do you think about the band’s return. Post your comments below using MyNME.