The Verve: your last chance to download ‘The Thaw Session’

Only 48 hours left for you to hear the track

There are only a few days left to download The Verve’s new track ‘The Thaw Session’, available exclusively through NME.COM.

After this Sunday (October 28) at midnight, the track will no longer be available on NME.COM.

This free download through NME.COM/verve is likely to be the start of regular musical updates from the band as they work on a new album.

To download part one of ‘The Thaw Session’ for free go to NME.COM/verve now.

The track was the product of the band’s very first recording session after reuniting – check out Richard Ashcroft and Simon Jones’ comments on the recording of the song here.

Fans’ reactions have been overwhelmingly positive – you can read some of the comments here.

Plus have your say on the new Verve track and debate with other music fans on the NME.COM messageboards now, as well as on the NME Office Blog, where you can argue about what tracks The Verve should play on their upcoming tour.