The Verve: ‘We press record and what happens is The Verve’

Reunited Wigan legends shed light on 'The Thaw Sessions'

The Verve have spoken to NME.COM about the recording of their new track ‘The Thaw Session’.

As previously reported, NME.COM is giving you the opportunity to download the new track for free.

“We all decided that, rather than meeting for a cup of coffee or a beer or whatever, we should meet in a studio where we can do what we do,” explained frontman Richard Ashcroft.

“The beauty of the jams is that we just don’t know where we’re going to go to next,” he said. “It’s exciting for the four of us to do that kind of thing again. That’s the only reason I’m here really, to get the four people together to create this sound. That’s the buzz.”

Bassist Simon Jones added that the jam session echoes the band’s early years, saying: “That’s how we learnt to play music. Locked away in a room in Wigan just jamming, the fact that we did that for ten or whatever years, that’s still there, man, that never disappears. So for this we literally just pressed record and saw what happens. What happens is The Verve.”

This free download through NME.COM/verve is likely to be the start of regular musical updates from the band as they work on a new album.

“Obviously we are aware of the power of [the internet],” explained Ashcroft. “It’s great for us as a jamming band, because we get so much material. I was saying to Nick earlier on today: ‘A lot of our songs, there’s about sixteen songs within them.’ In the future, yeah, if we could go immediately to the fans, that would be fantastic, and we could release so much more stuff.”

To download part one of ‘The Thaw Session’ for free go to NME.COM/verve now.

The download will be available for free, but only until October 28.

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