THE VERVE's representatives say the band will be at the V98 Festival despite recent gig cancellations...

THE VERVE management have announced the band’s full intentions to perform in the UK at the V98 festival on August 22 and 23.

Last week, broke the news that Verve bassist Simon Jones (pictured) was forced to return to England after twice collapsing backstage at the band’s German shows. He remains under medical supervision. The band cancelled their remaining German shows, a festival slot in Sweden and their Tibetan Freedom Festival appearance in Washington DC last weekend.

The Verve’s manager, Jaz Summers, spoke to NME and said Jones felt extremely ill following a show at the Circus Krone venue in Munich, on Saturday, June 6.


“It was an unbearably hot gig,” Summers said. “When Simon came offstage he said, ‘I feel lousy’, then he just flaked out. After the Munich gig the band travelled overnight and he was ill all day. He got up literally to do the gig, which he shouldn’t have done. After the D|sseldorf show (at the Phillipshalle, June 7) we brought him back to London. He didn’t wanna see a doctor in Germany, he just wanted to come home. They got a doctor in when he collapsed, then he came round and said, ‘I just wanna lie down’.”

Jones saw a Harley Street doctor and was told to rest and increase his fluid intake. He underwent a number of blood tests, the results of which were due last Friday (12)

The band’s representatives and V98 promoters are, however, stressing that they will be at the two-day event in Leeds and Chelmsford. V98 promoter Bob Angus told NME: “It’s a long way off and we’re hoping he (Jones) will have made a complete recovery by then.”

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