The View singer Kyle Falconer postpones his wedding to enter rehab

Frontman says getting treatment in Thailand is ‘my last chance’

The View singer Kyle Falconer has cancelled his wedding to enter rehab.

Falconer was due to marry fiancée Laura Fraser in August, but the singer is instead to undergo an intensive rehab treatment in Thailand, where Pete Doherty completed a course of rehab in 2015.

Fraser will join Falconer in Thailand to offer support as he undergoes a rehab treatment lasting a minimum of 56 days at the Chang Mai centre.


The singer said he realised he needed help after he was removed from a flight from Spain to Glasgow in June, which was diverted to France in order for Falconer to be arrested.

Falconer told The Sunday Mail: “I know for a fact I have a problem. But it’s hard to bite your tongue sometimes and straight away I start blaming everyone else. I say ‘They’re as bad as me’, but they’re not the people needing to go to rehab.”

Falconer has been tested for having bi-polar disorder, and said his behaviour was “extreme”, as he often can’t remember his behaviour from the day before. He said: “I go to extremes. I’ve tried everything, I’ve been on medication. I just don’t know what’s wrong with me. There definitely is a lack of taking responsibility, but I genuinely can’t remember doing the things I do.”

The treatment at Chang Mai starts at 7.30am with physical exercise and ends up with a 10pm curfew.

Falconer said: “You’ve got to listen to your loved ones. If they say you have a problem, you need to hear that. This is my last chance, I think.”


The View have released five albums, most recently ‘Ropewalk’ in 2015. Their singles include ‘Wasted Little DJs’, ‘Same Jeans’, ‘5 Rebeccas’, ‘Grace’, ‘The Clock’ and ‘Marriage’.