Woman immortalised in The View’s ‘Grace’ jailed for benefit fraud

Grace Smith is sent down for a year for claiming over nearly £40,000 illegally

A woman who has had an ongoing spat with The View has been jailed for benefit fraud.

Grace Smith admitted charges of obtaining nearly £40,000 from the Department of Work And Pensions illegally in Dundee Sheriff Court on Monday (October 17). She was jailed for a year after her sentence was reduced from 18 months due to her early plea.

Smith, who in the past has repeatedly reported neighbour and guitarist Pete Reilly for anti-social behaviour, first applied for income support in October 1997, the court heard.

She claimed she was single on the application form when she was living with her partner David Maxwell. Two years ago Smith also told a council inspector she was the only person living in the flat but inspectors later found her partner had been living with her since 1984, reports The Daily Record.

The View penned the track ‘Grace’ on their recent album ‘Bread And Circuses’ in an attempt to try and bury the hatchet after Smith previously complained about excessive noise coming from Reilly’s flat, but she refused.

She even got the local council to resort to using CCTV cameras to spy on his movements outside his pad in Dundee.