The View tell of fans’ devotion

Hot new bands get ready for 2007 assault

Hot new band The View have revealed the extent of their fans’ devotion.

The hotly-tipped Scottish band have also explained how the chant ‘The View are on fire’ began.

Bassist Peter Reilly told NME: “We’re a band for people to hold on to – we lead the lives they lead, y’know? Our fans believe in us and we believe in them.”

Recalling their T In The Park 2006 set on the unsigned T Break stage, Reilly said: “Normally you can just lie there and smoke a joint because there’s no-one in there. When we were playing they had to call for more security because people were climbing up the tent poles and just kept singing. It was like they believed in us.”

Guitarist Kieren Webster also explained how The View’s signature chant originated.

He revealed: “We’ve got this mate who comes to all the shows. One night he was absolutely steaming and was like, “I’m going to get the crowd up for it,” and started singing, “The View! The View! The View are one fire!” Then everywhere we played people started singing it.”

The View have also been tipped as one of 2007’s brightest new bands in NME’s New Noise 2007 issue, out today, also featuring The Twang, The Enemy, The Pigeon Detectives and Enter Shikari.

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