The View give unsigned band their big break

Dundee four-piece draft in Norwich trio following urgent appeal

The View chose an unsigned three-piece from Norwich to support them last week after the Dundee four-piece launched an urgent search for a support band.

As previously reported, the group made the appeal after The Horrors were forced to pull out of their gig in the city on Friday (April 20).

After receiving more than 50 demo tapes, the four-piece settled for local trio Monroes.

The View‘s manager Grant Dickson said he was “blown away” by the response, saying he was “amazingly surprised at how many good bands are around”.

Guitarist Peter Reilly also said the appeal was such a success that they plan to search for more unsigned bands in the future, reports BBC News.

“It’s good to give a band a chance,” he added. “There’s always room to fit a band on your bill.”

The idea was inspired by The View‘s own big break, when they handed a demo to Babyshambles singer Pete Doherty.